Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Sneeze

This guy is weird, but in a really good way. He entertains himself (and us) by eating weird foods, doing odd activities with his children, and making fun of his family members. He hasn't posted anything new in a while, but you can go poke through all his archives.

One of my favorite series of posts by The Sneeze is called "Steve, Don't Eat It" in which he proceeds to eat the most disgusting things he can find in the grocery store. I'm a picky eater and germophobe, so this sets off every alarm bell in my head, but it's still awesome.


Also fantastic is his gift-giving experiment entitled "Raisins". What child wouldn't love raisins for Christmas?

While you're over there, look at his series on the strange face his father has always drawn and the mystery (and discovery!) of its origins.

Okay, go investigate!