Monday, January 2, 2012

School Lunch "Food"

I've been reading through a blog I found recently called Fed Up With Lunch. It's written by an anonymous elementary school teacher in the midwest. "Mrs. Q" saw the poor quality of the food being offered to students, and decided to eat (and photograph and blog) the school lunch each day for a year.

Raise your hand if that grayish meat looks appealing.

Bueller? ...... Bueller? 
And why is the entire meal brown? Not exactly enticing.

But, her beef (pun intended) with the school lunches isn't just about monochromatic meals, but the lack of nutritious options, the completely wasteful packaging, the dearth of anything remotely handmade, and the lessons that eating chicken nuggets and pizza daily teaches kids.

Apparently the tater tots are the "vegetable" in this lunch:

And she never did figure out what this bitter-tasting mystery vegetable is, but I'm pretty sure if she couldn't eat more than a bite of it, the kids probably didn't even try it.

It's a quick read with short daily entries, and if you have kids it'll make you think twice about letting them buy lunch at school without checking out the lunch program first. Gross.